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Graph showing the impact of different Brexit models on each of the regions and nations of the UK Graph showing the impact of different Brexit models on employment

Image from Another Angry Voice, representing the government’s Brexit impact forecasts seen by the BBC; government figures taken from Sarah Wollaston on Twitter, showing the 0.7 million to 2.8 million jobs that will be lost as a result of Brexit.

‘If by the end of February or early March, it is clear that there is no [Brexit] deal on anything, there will be a declaration of a state of emergency in this country... ordinary life will grind to a halt’ (Dominic Grieve). Sign The Independent’s petition, signed by half a million people, calling for a Final Say on Brexit and the Brexit deal.

‘People will shit themselves and think they want a new referendum or an election or think the Tory party shouldn’t govern again.’

An insider in DExEU on the secrecy surrounding a no-deal Brexit, quoted in The Times 29th July

Government forecasts of the damage caused by Brexit, shown above, are joined by studies by Global Future, confirming that in every possible scenario, the UK will become worse off; by analysis by Berenberg Bank, confirming that the UK has neither the scale to dominate global trade, nor the legal burden to benefit from deregulation; by the Treasury’s forecast, before the referendum, of permanent economic decline; and by the advice of the overwhelming majority of economists in the UK. Worrying reports emerge of the potential failure of the UK’s supplies of food, fuel and medicine in the days and weeks following a Hard Brexit, and a new economic study predicts that the young could lose £108,000 each by 2050. An article on Chris Grey’s well-regarded Brexit Blog argues that Brexiteers would now be happier if they had lost.

Support for Brexit was drawn from the elderly, with most voters under the age of forty-nine voting to remain in the EU, meaning that as Brexit voters die of old age, their majority will vanish by the year 2020. In Wales, whose economy would be decimated under WTO rules, and where support for Brexit was drawn from those who identify as English or British, more than three quarters of voters would reject an economically damaging Brexit, and a poll by Global Future shows that Leavers as well as Remainers believe the price of Brexit to be too high. While one quarter of Leave voters say they were lied to by the Leave campaign, evidence mounts that the campaign broke the law, that they knowingly used the techniques of Nazi propaganda, and that Russia influenced the Brexit vote through illicit funding and fake news.

The referendum, which was followed by a 23% rise in hate crime against racial and religious minorities, also led to an astonishing array of threats and abuse against Remain activists and liberals, as Brexiteers demanded that we kill ourselves, be killed, be hanged, be shot, be murdered by hitmen, and be sent to the gas chambers. While a YouGov poll showed that over half of Brexit voters favour hanging, and 42% favour beatings in schools, studies show that Brexit is a product of English nationalism, and reflects a hatred and mistrust of the Celtic nations. Opinion polls show that more voters oppose Brexit than voted for it in the first place, and favour a people’s vote on the final deal by a twenty-six point margin.