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A defence of EU membership
A defence of Welsh independence
Guest Post: Poems by Brett Evans

News from Rob Mimpriss (2014)

It says much for the passion and commitment of my students that so many of them keep in touch for years by sending me spam from hacked Hotmail accounts.

23rd December 2014: In a short story just published by J.K. Rowling it transpires that Draco Malfoy once stole something belonging to Keyser Söze.

Cole’s Ride

That morning Annie set fire to the hearthrug. A little later, Cole set off to Fforest for a job. She stood in the doorway with soot on her knees, her bare arms folded over her chest, and watched as he tightened his rucksack round his shoulders and checked that his knife was at his belt. He glanced up at her, his expression coarse. ‘Get inside,’ he told her roughly. ‘Try to clean up the damage you’ve done.’ He glimpsed her again as he free-wheeled down the track, standing at the window, still watching.

The snow was just beginning to fall. Two joggers ran past him in Lycra as he turned his bike onto the cycle track. He rode with care, the rush of the river in his ears, and arrived in Fforest as Ceri stepped outside her back door, her hands dark with offal and a dog at her heels.

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Doreen Irvine, From Witchcraft to Christ and the Satanic Panic — a little light reading for Hallowe’en

27th October 2014: It’s the Dylan Thomas centenary. Planetary orbits may be affected.

21st September 2014: And in the Welsh news this week, did Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey and Catherine Zeta Jones drown during a sex orgy in a vat of slurry?

20th September 2014: And in the Welsh news this week, Anglesey people felt proud to be British as heavy vehicles flew through thin air.

30th July 2014: When the geckos return to Earth, and say they were kidnapped, and taken into space, and forced to take part in breeding experiments, none of the other geckos are going to believe them.

25th July 2014: That a BBC commentator at the Commonwealth Games incorrectly referred to Wales as the principality reminds me of an incident early in my career, when my portrayal of Wales in my first book touched a London editor‘s nerve to the extent that she scrawled ‘Wales is a principality of England‘ on the manuscript when she returned it. I hope the desire to vilify and humiliate has faded, even though the ignorance apparently has not.

20th July 2014: What happens in Near Earth Orbit stays in Near Earth Orbit, say geckos.

19th July 2014: Reportedly the Russian space sex gecko satellite is not responding. They’re busy.

1st May 2014: The Writing Process Meme invites writers to answer four questions about their work, and nominate two or three other writers who will do the same, using the linking tag #mywritingprocess.

I am grateful to have been asked to take part by Elaine Walker, novelist, writing tutor and critic. She is author of The Horses (Cinnamon, 2010), ’an uplifting and open-hearted novel,’ alongside other fiction and non-fiction titles, including several which focus on the horse in cultural history.

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Teach Us

You taught yourself not to pray. It was difficult. Words from the Bible kept coming to mind. You found yourself remembering hymns.

Once you found Cardinal Newman’s prayer in a drawer. If I gain the whole world and lose thee, it said, I have lost everything. You destroyed it ruthlessly.

3rd April 2014: Pollution levels in rural Wales set to rise from ‘low’ to ‘moderate.’ Citizens advised to take to the streets in panic.

8th March 2014: The geopolitical alignment is perfect. It is time to annexe Herefordshire.

I said to my next-door neighbour, ‘My eyes hurt, my head hurts, and I’m doing too much marking.’ ‘Oh,’ she said sweetly. ‘And is there anything else, before I go?’

In a letter posthumously released by his estate, John Updike expresses concern that Rabbit Angstrom may come across as a bit of jerk.

In a rare interview with CBN, Cormac McCarthy comments that John Grady Cole and Billy Parham would have had better career options if they had worked harder in school.

Frank Bascombe could probably have done more to save his marriage, admits Richard Ford to the New York Times.

That’s nothing to how Ron and Hermione are feeling.

An MBE for services to hairdressing? I suppose we should be thankful they’ve not told us which hair.


A defence of EU membership
A defence of Welsh independence
Guest Post: Poems by Brett Evans

I am the author of three short story collections. Reasoning and For His Warriors, originally published by Gwasg y Bwthyn, Caernarfon, with Welsh Books Council support, now join Prayer at the End in revised editions at Cockatrice Books. My anthology of fiction, Dangerous Asylums: Stories from Denbigh Mental Hospital Told by Leading Welsh Writers, including work by Gee and David Williams, Glenda Beagan, Carys Bray, Simon Thirsk and others, was published by the North Wales Mental Health Research Project, October 2016. I was a contributor with Nigel Jarrett, Rachel Trezise, Tristan Hughes and others to Brush with Fate, an anthology of Welsh fiction translated by Hala Salah Eldin. I am a member by election of the Welsh Academy.

I am the translator of Going South: The Stories of Richard Hughes Williams (Cockatrice, 2015), Hallowe’en in the Cwm: The Stories of Glasynys (Cockatrice, 2017), and A Book of Three Birds, the seventeenth-century classic by Morgan Llwyd (Cockatrice, 2017). In addition, I have translated fiction by D. Gwenallt Jones, Angharad Tomos, and Manon Steffan Ros.