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5th December 2016

Dear Theresa May

Continued Funding for the Cornish Language

I was one of those who supported a petition to the U.K. government pleading for the continued funding of the Cornish language. The petition garnered the support of over ten thousand signatories from all over the United Kingdom, in support of one of the oldest languages in the United Kingdom, mutually intelligible with no other language in the world. The sum requested was approximately £100,000 per year, less than your annual salary as Member of Parliament and Prime Minister.

Your government’s response to the petition was one of barely-concealed disdain. The remark that one of the poorest county councils in the British Isles could continue to fund the language ‘if they wished’ was particularly revealing of your government’s cultural barbarity and moral ineptitude.

In Parliament recently, your Chancellor of the Exchequer announced that £7.6 million would be spent repairing Wentworth Woodhouse, a mansion belonging to the wife of one of your own MPs. That grant would have maintained funding for the Cornish language for roughly seventy years.

Yours sincerely

Rob Mimpriss PhD
Member, the Welsh Academy

The opening of Origo Mundi The opening of Origo Mundi, part of the Ordinalia, the magnum opus of mediaeval Cornish literature

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I am the author of three short story collections. Reasoning and For His Warriors, originally published by Gwasg y Bwthyn, Caernarfon, with Welsh Books Council support, now join Prayer at the End in revised editions at Cockatrice Books. My anthology of fiction, Dangerous Asylums: Stories from Denbigh Mental Hospital Told by Leading Welsh Writers, including work by Gee and David Williams, Glenda Beagan, Carys Bray, Simon Thirsk and others, was published by the North Wales Mental Health Research Project, October 2016. I was a contributor with Nigel Jarrett, Rachel Trezise, Tristan Hughes and others to Brush with Fate, an anthology of Welsh fiction translated by Hala Salah Eldin. I am a member by election of the Welsh Academy.

I am the translator of Going South: The Stories of Richard Hughes Williams (Cockatrice, 2015), Hallowe’en in the Cwm: The Stories of Glasynys (Cockatrice, 2017), and A Book of Three Birds, the seventeenth-century classic by Morgan Llwyd (Cockatrice, 2017). In addition, I have translated fiction by D. Gwenallt Jones, Angharad Tomos, and Manon Steffan Ros.