‘Where is the Welsh short story going? Wherever Rob Mimpriss takes it.’ John O’Donoghue. Pugnacious Little Trolls, a new collection of short stories published by Cockatrice Books. ‘bathed in white fire in every sense... Borges would happily own them.’ Gee Williams on Pugnacious Little Trolls, a new collection of short stories published by Cockatrice Books. ‘a work of great beauty and subtle force… a fine, distinctive voice.’ Jim Perrin on Pugnacious Little Trolls, a new collection of short stories published by Cockatrice Books. Books: Fiction. ‘Dark, complex, pensively eloquent’ (Sophie Baggott, New Welsh Review) — Reasoning, For His Warriors and Prayer at the End, three short-story collections now published by Cockatrice Books. 10th May 2021: Following Richard Suchorzewski’s vow to ‘return to terrify’ the functional parties of Wales, I would like to announce that I will return to terrify the Nobel Prize for Literature committee. Books: Fiction. ‘Heaving with loss, regret and familial bonds.’ Annexe Magazine on ‘Gemini,’ a short story in Prayer at the End, published by Cockatrice Books. Books: Translations. ‘Lucid, skilful, and above all, of enormous timely relevance’ (Jim Perrin). Rob Mimpriss’s new translation of Morgan Llwyd’s allegorical masterpiece, A Book of Three Birds. ‘There is nothing ostentatious about his writing: most of his characters lead unremarkable, even humdrum, lives; there are few dramatic plot developments... And yet the best of these pieces express something important...’ Brian George, The Short Review. ‘These stories are a rare kind of joy. Even when they approach moments of discontent and danger they bring an optimism founded in human relationships. This is a wonderful collection.’ Prof. Graëme Harper, editor, New Writing. Books: Translations. ‘An invaluable translation.’ Angharad Price on Hallowe’en in the Cwm, the short stories of Glasynys, translated by Rob Mimpriss. ‘Humour and pity often arise from the characters’ inability to understand themselves and those close to them. In suggesting the truth and the self-deception Mimpriss not only engages our sympathy but makes us question our assumptions about ourselves.’ Caroline Clark, gwales.com ‘Quietly written, contemplative... whose powerhouse is the depth of its moral reflection.’ Siân Preece, Rhys Davies Competition on ‘Hamilton Park,’ published in Prayer at the End. ‘an immaculate collection.’ Nigel Jarrett, twice winner of the Rhys Davies Award, on Prayer at the End, a collection of short stories by Rob Mimpriss published by Cockatrice Books. ‘Through the stealthy movements of his prose, Rob Mimpriss enacts the quiet enigma of people’s lives and relationships. The result is an understated fiction of compelling intensity.’ Prof M Wynn Thomas. The story is called ‘Valiant’ in the collection, For His Warriors. I recommend it. Highly. It feels to me already like a classic.’ Fiona Owen, editor, Scintilla. A quiet writer with a loud voice... I’ll be listening for more.’ Michael Nobbs, gwales.com on Reasoning: Twenty Stories, published by Cockatrice Books. Books: Fiction. ‘In the most seemingly unremarkable of Rob Mimpriss’s pieces there is a skill, and a mystery and elusiveness to that skill, which other short-story writers might envy.’ Gee Williams. Books: Anthologies. ‘Industry in the Country of the Blind,’ new fiction in Land of Change, radical prose from Wales edited by Gemma Howell and forthcoming from Culture Matters. Books: Anthologies: ‘this exemplary collaboration’ (Philip Gross). Dangerous Asylums, an anthology of fiction by leading Welsh writers, inspired by Denbigh Mental Hospital, edited by Rob Mimpriss.

The following quotations are taken from hate mail received by Prof. Tanja Bueltmann of Northumbria University, and shared by her on her Twitter account in pictorial form. Among the sexual insults, the accusations of treason, and the threats of ‘Coxing,’ beheading, deportation, and rape, the reader will note the repetition of the phrases ‘will of the people’ and ‘enemy of the people’ given credence by the British government and press, along with the word ‘remoaner,’ an echo of the term used by Nazi Germans to describe those who voted for liberal parties in the election of 1933.

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Virtue-signalling bitch.

Coxing. That’s what’s in store for you.

All EU migrants should be kicked out the UK, their belongings confiscated.

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The worst kind of enemy alien: a foreign cunt living of the tax payer.

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So you came to the UK as an immigrant as you couldn’t get a job in the EU and you want the UK to remain in the EU because? Twat.

You absolute fucking cunt.

Your head on a pike at London Bridge... as a historian you must know that that is what we do with traitors.

Foreign cunts like you should be forbidden to speak on British streets.

I would not fuck you if someone paid me for it.

Looking at those women undermining the will of the people. It’s clear what you all need.

Today you looked simply ridiculous. Who do you think you are you stupid cunt?

I want you to be deported. You are an enemy of the people.

Bitch with no cleavage. That really makes a nasty woman. So I agree with you.

Did you still not get the message? We do not want you. We do not want you to undermine the will of the British people. We do not want you to speak. We want you to leave you silly cow.

You and Kay [the reference is to Madeleine Kay, an entertainer and pro-European activist] — of one kind: dumb as fuck and thinking that we care about your stupid campaigning. You are both ridiculous and bring shame on women everywhere.

Remoaners call you their hero. I did not know that they were so stupid. Your no hero. Your a foreign cunt.

How dare you continue to speak in public. You’re not British and this is our country.

You are a traitor and a disgusting bitch.

How ugly are you. And how dumb. A stupid pink shirt will no stop Brexit.