As a subsidised Writer on Tour under the Literature Wales scheme, I am available to give readings and lead seminars throughout Wales and the wider U.K. I have led alongside Liz Ashworth, Richard Collins, Gareth Creer, Menna Elfyn, John Fraser Williams, Patrick McGuinness, Fiona Owen, Jim Perrin, Charlotte Williams and others. You can contact me here.

As arts coordinator of the North Wales Mental Health Research Project I have solicited work by Glenda Beagan, A.L. Reynolds, Gee Williams, Samantha Wynne Rhydderch, Elaine Walker and others, now published in anthology form as Dangerous Asylums. I was interviewed concerning my creative process by The Short Review.

I hold a Ph.D. in Creative and Critical Writing from Portsmouth University and an M.A. in the Practice and Teaching of Creative Writing from Cardiff. I have designed and taught on Creative Writing courses at B.A. and M.A. levels in universities in Wales and England, addressing international delegations on writing and the short story, appearing at festivals and retreats, working in prisons, teaching students from all walks of life, and arranging seminars and workshops for the wider public. In May 2011 I was invited to Membership of the Welsh Academy in peer recognition of my contributions to Welsh writing.