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4th November 2013: Blinc Digidol

‘…I followed echoes of music. A video of bees swarming, projected onto a chapel front, was played and played again to an empty side street. ‘But Mummy,’ a child said, ‘what’s it for?’ A middle-aged couple stopped to take a snapshot or two, chuckled indulgently at it all, and went their way…

My review of Blinc Digidol, a digital arts festival held in Conwy, 25th-26th October 2013, published online by New Welsh Review and available below.

Blinc Digidol

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Dangerous Asylums

‘In this exemplary collaboration between medical science and imagination, lives preserved in official records, in the language and diagnoses of their times, are restored not just to light, but to humanity and equality. This anthology is a resurrection.’

Philip Gross