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6th July 2015: Reasoning, For His Warriors, Prayer at the End go to Cockatrice Books

Feta, olives and salad, and wonderful company marked the launch of my third short-story collection, Prayer at the End.

The collection contains short stories dedicated to Charis Sewell, Graham Thomas and Cass Meurig, short stories published in Annexe Magazine, The Harbinger and Blue Tattoo, ‘Wolf,’ a Bronze-Age story commissioned by Dr Alistair Sims at the Meillionydd archaeological dig, and a passage from The King’s Mansions by D. Gwenallt Jones, a seminal Welsh novel never previously translated. My two previous short-story collections were also for sale, having been republished by Cockatrice Books.

Two poets contributed readings to the launch: John Fraser Williams, pictured here precariously reading from his collection, Scan, and Fiona Owen, who read three poems from her most recent collection, The Green Gate, both published by Cinnamon Press. I read a short story, ’Hamilton Park,’ which was shortlisted for the Rhys Davies Prize before being published in New Writing, and subsequently translated into Arabic by Hala Salah Eldin Hussein for an anthology of fiction from Wales, Brush with Fate.

Prayer at the End concludes a series of three related collections exploring the classical heritage of Wales, comparing the urge to escape with the need to belong, and probing the price we pay for our loyalties and ideals. Reasoning, For His Warriors and Prayer at the End are for sale as a bundle at a discounted price from the Cockatrice Books website:

Reasoning, For His Warriors, and Prayer at the End

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