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27th June 2018: Art the Armed Forces Day

Art the Armed Forces Day, organised by Veteran for Peace, Steve Heaney, was held on a warm day in early summer in one of Llandudno’s historic buildings. Community arts activities were followed in the evening by a brief talk from Steve Heaney, explaining his own experience in the British armed forces and eventual rejection of militarism; by a thoughtful introduction to the Welsh-language poet of the Great War, Hedd Wyn; and by a performance by Louise Fazackerley of her long poem based on her experience as the partner of a British soldier — among others. The venue itself is associated with the great Lewis Valentine, a poet and founding member of Plaid Cymru, whose pacifism and Welsh nationalism led him to take part in the arson of the RAF base at Penyberth.

My own contribution was a story from my second collection, For His Warriors. Called ‘Valiant,’ it depicts the relationship of two HIV sufferers in Llandudno, and the central character’s attitudes to masculinity, heroism, militarism, and death. You can read it below.

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