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1st July 2019: The Books We Read

Tucked between the pages of my second-hand copy of Diane Williams’ selected stories, and in the handwriting of a previous owner, a reading list containing stories by Chekhov, Maupassant, Daudet, Turgenev, Andreyev and Bowen, partly pictured above. One of the joys of writing short stories, along with the formal challenges and rewards, is the dedication and learning of a small body of readers, who have tapped the roots of the form, and are aware of its cosmic reach.

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Cover of Dangerous Asylums

Dangerous Asylums

‘In this exemplary collaboration between medical science and imagination, lives preserved in official records, in the language and diagnoses of their times, are restored not just to light, but to humanity and equality. This anthology is a resurrection.’

Philip Gross