Calls for Genocide Against the Welsh

‘In scores of countries there is hunger for an order which respects the dignity of each human person, which gives priority to human life in community. There is a thirst for a government which will ensure for every single person and every nation to be what they are: to realise their potential to the full; for an order which fully respects man’s humanity; an order which perceives that man is essentially a social creature, closely woven into the texture of his own society; an order which recognises generously in all its policies that man has a soul and a mind as well as a body...’

Gwynfor Evans, Land of My Fathers: Two Thousand Years of Welsh History (Swansea: John Penry, 1974).

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A Portrait of the Artist as a Middle‑Aged Man

The day was dull, rather misty, and wet under foot, but neither too warm nor too cold for walking. I began to think (without being especially aware that I was thinking) about the place of blood in Christian iconography, about the chapel in which I was raised, which seemed mildly obsessed with it...

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Cover of Dangerous Asylums

Dangerous Asylums

‘In this exemplary collaboration between medical science and imagination, lives preserved in official records, in the language and diagnoses of their times, are restored not just to light, but to humanity and equality. This anthology is a resurrection.’

Philip Gross