The Biggest Fool

Image of Jack the Giant-Killer from Cardiff Castle | Source

Siôn Swch was a fool, kept by a gentleman for his amusement. On one occasion, the gentleman gave Siôn an elegant cloak and told him to wear it until he should meet with a bigger fool than himself. Siôn wore the cloak for a long time. The old gentleman was taken ill, and feared his end was drawing near. He bade farewell to his family, and sent for Siôn.

‘Well, master,’ said Siôn, ‘what is the matter with you?’

‘O, Siôn,’ said the master, ‘I am going to leave you.’

‘Then where are you going, master? You cannot go very far, being that you are in bed like this.’

‘I am going to a strange country, Siôn.’

‘In God’s name, master, why should you go to such a place? Are we to go with you?’

‘No, Siôn. I must go by myself this time.’

‘I have never heard of such a thing before, master, going to a strange country by yourself at this age! Have you packed your things ready?’

‘No, Siôn, I cannot take anything with me to the country where I am now going.’

Siôn stood up and took off his cloak, saying with a mournful look,

‘Here, master, take it. You are the biggest fool I have ever met.’

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